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Exempt Property

A spouse and children are entitled to receive household furniture, furnishings, and appliances up to a net value of $20,000 from the family home. They are also entitled to receive up to two motor vehicles, which do not individually weigh more than 15,000 pounds and which were used regularly by deceased or the family as personal motor vehicles. Exempt property is in addition to any rights to homestead property, elective share or intestate share, and family allowance.

Ms. Rountree has dealt with a variety of spousal right issues in probate proceedings. She has successfully litigated and settled elective share, homestead, and family allowance disputes on behalf of her clients. Shannon L. Rountree, P.A. offers services to represent spouses and fiduciaries in connection with intestate share, elective share, homestead, family allowance, and exempt property claims.

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