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Florida Guardianships

What is a Legal Guardianship?

A guardianship occurs when a court appoints a guardian to care for and assist a person, called a ward, in the management of their affairs. Guardianships are created and monitored through the court system. Chapter 744, Florida Statutes, governs procedure for guardianships on behalf of adults and children.

There are several types of Florida guardianships depending on the types of needs of the ward. Guardians may be appointed on behalf of adults when they are incapacitated or if they feel their affairs would better managed through a legal guardianship. For children, a guardianship must be set up when they receive a monetary settlement in excess of $15,000, or if the minor's parents become unable to care for them because of death, illness, or other reasons.

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For further information on Florida guardianships, click here for the link to the Florida bar. The firm offers services to represent wards, guardians, friends, caretakers, and/or family members in connection with guardianship proceedings. Ms. Rountree has handled a variety of guardianship matters, including contested guardianship appointment and breach of fiduciary duty claims.



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