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Types of Guardians

There are three types of guardians who the judge may be appoint to manage the affairs of the ward, or the person for whom a guardian has been appointed.

family guardian is a person related by blood or marriage to the ward. Family members have preference under Florida law for serving as guardians for loved ones.

professional guardian is someone who receives compensation for services to two or more wards who are not relatives of the guardian. If there is a dispute as to who should serve as a guardian, the court will often appoint a neutral professional guardian.

Public guardians are appointed through the Statewide Public Guardianship Office to serve wards that are indigent and without family or friends to a serve as their guardian.

Service as a guardian is a very important responsibility that requires the utmost care, dedication, and upholding high standard of ethics. For more information on the standards set forth for Florida guardians follow the link for National Guardianship Association, Inc.'s Code of Ethics for Guardians.

The firm offers services to represent wards, guardians, friends and/or family members in connection with guardianship proceedings. Ms. Rountree has handled a variety of guardianship matters, including contested guardianship appointment and breach of fiduciary duty claims.

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